Colibri back in business?

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Colibri back in business?

Post by Xero » Sun Aug 02, 2009 3:00 pm

So I've just checked and their website is now back up and running. I've probably owned 4-5 colibris over the years, and quality seems to vary between the models. I thought I'd post some of my experiences with the models that I can remember owning/using:

I had a colibri trident, which had 3 flames, a blue torch, a green torch, and a standard flame you can choose from. This thing would get clogged constantly and would often refuse to light. Eventually the tubing inside of the lighter was shot and I sort of ruined the thing trying to repair it. Someone commented after it's death "yeah that thing was a piece..." Luckily I think this model is discontinued.

After that I had a flint wellington which is basically a poor-man's dupont. The lacquer finish lasted about a year before falling off of it, and the flint mechanism was pretty much worn away by that point as well. With no way to replace the spark wheel, the teeth became smooth from all the usage and it became really difficult to get it to spark. I ended up having to load it up with a flint-and-a-half to get extra tension on the spark wheel, but that probably also is further wearing out the spring, After this lighter became basically unusable I decided to get my first dupont. It still works, but it's very difficult to light making it annoying to use. I use to call it the "impossible lighter" cause no one could ever get it lit except me. This model is still on the colibri site, and it was my longest lasting colibri for sure, I just hope they've done something to fix the flint mechanism.

My sister had a red colibri firebird, it was pretty cool looking with anodized red metal and rubber texture. I remember the thing never seemed to maintain the flame height from the start. We basically had to turn the fuel adjuster to the max immediately after refilling it the first time and eventually it would cease lighting properly at all. I believe it was replaced by a blue rhino which has no such issues.

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