Board updates, is anyone out there?

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Board updates, is anyone out there?

Post by Xero » Wed Jun 21, 2017 9:24 am

I haven't really been updating this board much, but I noticed a huge influx in spambots again. I've cleaned up as much as I could, as well as updated phpbb to the latest version. I've also purged users with a heavy sledgehammer, that said, if you registered anytime recently, your account may have been purged....there was just too much junk and I had to be a bit heavy-handed.

If anyone's still out there using this site, would be curious to hear from you! I feel this place is almost abandoned now, but I hope to keep the information about identifying these lighters around as much as I can.

Also, the theme has been reset until I have time to fix it, for now it's just the default phpbb theme which is ugly, but the update to 3.2 means the old themes aren't compatible anymore.


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