Legitimacy Of Ebay 'Vintage' Duponts

All about the luxury lighters from Simon Tissot-Dupont
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Legitimacy Of Ebay 'Vintage' Duponts

Post by DOHCta » Wed Jun 29, 2016 8:10 pm

Morning lads,

I see a lot of 'Vintage' Duponts on Ebay for arounf $100USD.

Can anyone confirm their legitimacy? Is this the sort of price you would expect to pay?

I'm not a smoke but like to carry a lighter as part of my EDC.


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Re: Legitimacy Of Ebay 'Vintage' Duponts

Post by Xero » Sun Aug 14, 2016 10:24 am

the only thing i'd expect to pay $100 for that's authentic is either a torch or an old ligne 1, which are rarely faked and many of the older ones aren't as desirable.

ligne 2's are never just "$100" most of the time. that's a sure sign it's probably fake. expect to pay $200+ for a real ligne 2

admittedly, i've gotten some steals, but they didn't follow any sort of pattern on ebay, ill tell you that. you should check the sellers history though, see their other items, if they are selling tons of duponts at $100, you can be pretty sure it's fake.

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