Odd problem with 70s-ish Rollagas

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Odd problem with 70s-ish Rollagas

Post by GregMillions » Sat Jun 11, 2016 2:31 pm

Hello -

I'm having a problem with an otherwise OK-seeming Dunhill Rollagas of ~1970s vintage. It seems to be stainless steel.

I'm having the toughest time keeping the flame consistent. I'll try and explain the facts and my observations.

-The lighter has been bled and filled with the best quality butane I could find on short notice, a British brand called Lucienne which boasts, at least, of "zero impurities."

-The lighter takes gas well and does not seem to leak it, st least not in any observable way.

-A test run with gross and fine gas flow adjusters indicates gas seems to flow through the lighter just fine, too. At least for a while, as you'll see.

-I adjust the gross and fine flame controls to give me a flame the average cigarette smoker would say is reasonable.

Here's where the problem comes in... The flame ALWAYS decreases in height over the course of a few minutes/lights to about four hours. It does this with no inputs or changes to the gross or fine flame adjusters, no matter how I adjust it. Eventually the flame goes down to almost no height at all.

I've tried a little bootleg trick I saw, where you blast the flame nozzle with butane, though I imagine any pressurized gas, like Dust-Off, would do. I get the most time at reasonable flame height that way, but like I said, it always ends up decreasing again.

I'm thinking there may be some dirt in the works somewhere, or possibly the flint is degraded or otherwise cruddy. I just bought it, haven't laid into new Dunhill flints yet. I'd bet a lot it's been serviced in the not-too-distant past, too, precisely because it seems to hold gas.

I'd be grateful for any thoughts, solutions, ot advice anyone could give. If anyone's had a similar problem, they haven't posted online about it that I can see.

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